Hello and welcome! I’m Bex, a twenty-something London based beauty loving, plant obsessive, irritatingly punctual, non yogi.

The term ‘yogi’ has always thrown me; the assumption that ‘yogis’ are hippie, free spirited, earth-lovers. On top of that, the idea that you have to be some sort of athletic, of a particular size or build and health and fitness obsessed. All of which, may I add, are walking contradictions of what I stand for and what the practice of yoga is about for me; empowering my mind and my body. I am none of the above, I like to think I’m relatively normal, slightly odd at times but a ‘non yogi’ if you will.

I started practicing yoga about five years ago on and off, never really engaging with why I was doing it or how it made me feel. After dropping off the mat quite quickly and dealing with some personal bits and bobs, I picked it back up a year or so later and have been practicing ever since.

Something you should know about me, and what makes me such an unlikely specimen is that yoga does not define me. For me it’s all about the platform that yoga gives me to live the parts of my life that do. I would say I live a very privileged life, compared to some, in that I have amazing family and friends, I am healthy and happy and I have choice and freedom to do as I please.

I’m not what you’d call a sharer, in that talking to people about my life can be quite a challenge for me. I grew up surrounded by a hard-working and creative family and I am lucky enough now to be surrounded by some super inspirational people. I love interiors and furniture, plants and photography. I love reading, something I wish I made more time for and I love listening to other people and have real admiration for those who like to just keep it real, in this world where we know it is not always the easiest option. I work in Beauty, so naturally I am a Skincare and Lipstick junkie and I’ve got a lot of time (sometimes all day) for anything #bathroomgoals related.

This site has been something I’ve been over back and forth in my head for a long time. I’ve been looking for a little corner of my own to share my thoughts and both my physical and mental experiences, as a life-juggling city dweller who just happens to swear by the power of yoga. There have been times over the last few years, including when I started practicing yoga, where I’ve felt really isolated, an outsider, and by sharing my experiences I hope others can relate to these moments and feel empowered to share theirs.

I know, to a lot of people in my life, I am thought of as that shy and anxious, hard-shelled, tightly wound person, not the typical characteristics of your sociable, laid back, yogi. A real party starter, yep that’s me. And whilst, like most normal humans, I can let these things get the better of me, I am proud to say that my life choices and my general wellbeing have over the last year or so, been led by a more positive, slower paced and self confident version of myself. I truly believe whilst most of this come’s with age (30 is fast approaching!) and the support of my beautiful family and friends, I couldn’t have got to where I am now without the big y-o-g-a in my life.

I hope you enjoy!