6 Months On

So believe it or not last week marked six months since completing my Yoga Teacher qualification. What’s weird is that I can’t really remember how I spent my spare time before teaching, so six months seems like a very short space of time.

When I started writing this post I knew it was something I wanted to share and be able to look back on but now I’m here I’m not really sure how to get it down on paper, so forgive me if what’s to come is a little jumbled…

WHIRLWIND… that’s the first word that comes to mind. Don’t get me wrong it has been the most enlightening, mind blowing and fulfilling few months of my life so far, but it has also turned my world upside down. What I once knew as my every day, now is very much not what it used to be. Some things I thought I valued, now sometimes don’t even enter my mind but most of all my view, my opinions, my voice in the world around me has shifted and I see things from very different perspectives.

My training itself encouraged me to break everything down, in all sense of the term. We learnt to break down physical postures, the theory and beliefs behind yoga, the students we might meet and their experiences, our own experiences and who we are as people. We zoomed in on the what’s, the why’s, the why nots and this way of thinking has well and truly found it’s way into all aspects of my life. Being able to sit here and reflect not only on my training but the months that have followed it, has really opened my eyes to the life I was living before and the choices I now have the privilege of having on my door step.

‘Connection’ was acknowledged and discussed vastly throughout my training but it wasn’t something I was thinking about all that often before then and I don’t remember hearing many people talk about it. Now it has become a huge part of my thinking and what I value in my every day life. It’s something I can now actually use to prompt myself to take some time out as well as my reflecting on my relationships with other people. If you have been to one of my classes you will know I like to encourage everyone to check in with their connections, either with their body or their mind or just their surroundings if they are feeling like things are getting too much. I’ve come to realise that connections are what make us human, they are what make us feel like we belong and they are what makes life feel so full. Without them, life can be pretty hard.

The last thing that has stuck with me that I wanted to share, and actually something that I was fairly in tune with with before my training, is perception. This being my perception of the people and world around me but also my perception of myself. I am guilty, more often that I’d like to admit, of perceiving things perhaps in a slightly self isolating way. I’m sure I’m not the only one to do this from time to time, but feeling like no one understands what your going through can often jeopardise connections with loved ones. There is also the perception you have of other people’s lives, experiences, actions and even capabilities. What I have learnt is to never make a judgement based on face value, always allow people space to have and tell their story before being perceived a certain way.

So there is it; my rambly, jumbled but heartfelt reflection on where I am, 6 months post teacher training. I will be sure to share more as the months go on and I start to experience different things and meet new teachers and students. If you are interested in hearing more about my experience or even looking to experience something similar yourself but without the qualification at the end, have a look around for a yoga or wellness retreat. I can recommend a few so please get in touch 🙂