30 Years, 30 Lessons

So last month I hit a milestone in my life, one of the most looming to date – my 30th Birthday! In the run up to the big day I posted about the way I was feeling and although panic was fairly high up there, gratitude was what really shone through. More so than I had anticipated, and it feels good! Really good! I don’t know if it’s because we’re still in the honeymoon phase of the New Year or whether it was a full moon that weekend, but something felt light, felt exciting, felt.. peaceful.

It’s only natural that I’ve spent the last couple of weeks looking back over my twenties and beyond and thinking about all my experiences, lessons and people I’ve met along the way . Some things more significant than others but significant all the same so I though I’d share with you…

  1. Wear suncream!
  2. Things are better done than perfect – otherwise you’ll never do anything!
  3. Walk as much as you can, while you can.
  4. Talk to yourself as you would your best friend.
  5. Write things down – somehow life is clearer on paper.
  6. Laugh, otherwise you’ll cry.
  7. Speak Up – don’t let the voice of the women before you go to waste.
  8. Be still enough to FEEL your heartbeat once in a while, don’t take those tiny little beats for granted.
  9. It’s not just your family that’s weird. I promise.
  10. You can love someone and disagree with things they believe in.
  11. No. is a full sentence – don’t feel you have to justify something if you know it isn’t for you.
  12. If someone is nasty to you, it’s probably got nothing to do with you.
  13. Have empathy always, there’s a reason why humans behave the way they doGet to know your parents, they are people too.
  14. You can runaway from problems and places but you take yourself with you wherever you go. Get to know yourself.
  15. We may not always have control of our circumstances, but we always have control of our choices. Take responsbility.
  16. If life feels comfortable, it probably means your stuck. Hurdles appear when you’re moving forward, so try a different path.
  17. Everyone’s making it up too! Honestly, no one has any idea what’s going on, they are just ballsy enough to pretend they do.
  18. Build a relationship with your ego, one you can step away from, from time to time.
  19. Build people up – empowering others will bring you so much more joy than competing against them.
  20. Listen to people. Without judgement, without speaking. Just listen – you might learn something!
  21. You can usually tell what someone’s like by the way they talk about others – take note.
  22. Do something, don’t do nothing – building character is generally a process of elimination of things you don’t like and things you never thought you could do. These are the things that shape you!
  23. Chocolate is life. It’s fine to eat it every day.
  24. Be on your own! Cliche but necessary.
  25. Believe it or not most people aren’t interested in what you look like, they’re more worried about themselves. You don’t need to look in the mirror every 10 minutes.
  26. The things that scare you, no matter how small, are the things that are going to change you. Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  27. Never go to bed on an argument.
  28. Energy counts for a lot. If you feel uneasy about something, trust yourself.
  29. Your body is your lifeline – fuel it, listen to it and love it!
  30. You are not your feelings – they are temporary, you are not.