Discovering the Teacher in Me

Today was a great day. Today I officially announced a little secret I have been keeping shtoom for the best part of this year. By now, I’m sure you all know I qualified from my Yoga teacher training earlier this Autumn (god do I feel like I’ve talked about it enough!) but since finishing I have been relatively quiet about my plans for teaching officially. Amongst the ‘can I come to a class’, ‘where are you teaching’ and ‘is it hard, I can’t even touch my toes’ commentary from nearly everyone I know, one of the most interesting conversations I had throughout my training was about what type of teacher I am going to be.

When I was asked about this for the first time, it really threw me and I didn’t know why. I thought I had all the answers, after all I was undergoing months and months of training to become a teacher, why couldnt I explain this to anyone? As time with my trainers and fellow students went on, it became more and more clear that the training wasn’t just about learning a skill or improving your asana practise (poses). In fact it was far from it! The teacher training was enabling me to connect with areas of myself which I hadn’t seen for so long. Without sounding like a horrible cringey cliche, it was one of the most rewarding journeys of my life! A journey that, I have learnt now, goes far beyond my training. The process of learning throughout those months empowered me connect with the reasons why I wanted to train in the first place, why I was showing up everyday, what I was looking for from it and why I thought it was so important to be sharing with all of you. This is what was going to shape me as a teacher, not what I’m teaching and maybe not even how, but WHY I’m teaching.

Some of you may or may not know I have, and still occasionally do, suffer with anxiety and feeling unbalanced, along with the other 1 in 6 adults within the UK (yes really!). This is more or less the reason I got into yoga. I wanted to feel balanced, I wanted to feel nutured, I wanted to slow down and I wanted to move. Somehow moving became the perfect distraction from my crazy 100mph mind, and it felt magical!

So what kind of teacher am I? I’m real, I’m loyal (HA just kidding!). But on a serious note, I want people to know that just because I have trained in something, it doesn’t make me a guru. I want to help people to connect with themselves – you do all the work, I will guide you in the right direction. There is no secret to yoga or being able to feel or move in a certain way, I want you to understand that. I don’t care if you can hold a handstand, balance on one leg or can’t touch your toes, my ethos goes far beyond any of that.

The word Yoga means to yoke, to unite, to connect. Did you know that poses (asanas) and movement, is only ONE of the EIGHT elements of yoga?? There’s something to write about! (coming soon!)

Ultimately this is why I came to the decision to announce what I did today.. the launch (eeeek!) of HILO YOGA – my very own teaching platform/brand/alter ego! Hilo is about engaging with the highs and lows (see what I did there?) of life, of feelings, of body types, of movements and uniting and connecting them together to nuture the body, both inside and out …

Sound fun?

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