Recent Favourites: June

I wouldn’t call myself a shopaholic. Neither would I say I’m someone who is very fashionable or stylish. I will however admit to not being a stranger to the thrills of retail therapy. It is very rarely clothes that I get hooked on as I find it quite hard to find things I can say I LOVE.

What I do love is writing lists, predominately lists of life admin but also lists of thing I think I ‘need’, usually on my commute to work or just before bed. I have recently started ramp up my practice at home – something I will explain in a separate post – which has meant my list has started to grow because I don’t always have the props I need outside the studio. I, might I also add, am a trained professional in finding excuses for excessive and indulgent cute new yoga gear! Here is the latest..

A Holdall Bag with Mat Loops; The longest reigning item at the top of my list for some time! Who knew a bag of this type was so hard to find? Now I wouldn’t call myself fussy but I will admit that I know what I like; simplicity. The criteria for this bag began as a little treat for myself, as long as it was functional, spacious, mat holding and black, I was willing splash out a bit, perhaps a Sweaty Betty or Lululemon number. It turned out such a delight didn’t exist and I started to look elsewhere. I very quickly started to lose hope until yesterday, after searching for several weeks, I found the one, the Gaiam Weekender Warrior Bag. After spending the best part of half an hour convincing myself that it was totally worth the £10 shipping and customs fee from the States, my shiny new bag is due to arrive next week so I will be sure to give you a peek. My runner up was the Weekend Luxe Bag from Sweaty Betty and in third place was the Nike Club Training Bag, both of which would be more than suitable for the normal yoga or gym go-er, just not quite right for me.

A Yoga Mat Towel; I have gone through about four or five towels in the last couple of years and each time I always just replace the worn one with a new version of the same, the Decathlon Non-Slip Yoga Towel. I have had some bad experiences with slippery towels which just don’t hold up in the heat and I have had many a fall or an unsatisfied practice because of this. I have considered a few others but they are all either a little bit pricey or they don’t seem to offer the grip I need for the hot room; The Towel by Lululemon, YogaDesignLab Hot Yoga Towel. I’m yet to invest so I’m recycling my old towels for as long as possible, please do share your recommendations if you’ve found one that works for you and you think would be suitable for Hot Yoga.

A Yoga Dictionary; this sounds odd I know but I have been looking for something like this for a while. I love my classes and I love practicing at home but I love to also learn about yoga outside of my experience of it. I am looking for something that will teach me step by step tutorials to more poses and their breathing sequences. I recently found this The Complete Yoga Book, which is the best I’ve found yet, but I’m yet to order. A couple of others were Pocket Yoga (online only) and Yoga: The top 100 poses.

A Re-usable Water Bottle; basic I know.. but a girl wants what a girl wants. The main reason for this one is that I find that using plastic bottles allows my water to get warm about twenty minutes into my practice because of the heat in the air, which doesn’t bode well for the sweaty mess that is me fifteen minutes into most classes. Also, anything to reduce my plastic consumption is always good. Recently I bought metal straws of every length and shape imaginable and I am in love with them so finding some great stainless steal bottle alternatives shouldn’t be too hard. The S’Well bottles had a lot of hype last year but they are way out of my budget for something like this. They do have some pretty designs, a cute marble effect version here and my personal fave, the titanium one, here. If anyone knows where I can find something similar at a much more reasonable price please let me know!


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